Dr. Alireza Ghorbani Sharif

Cardiologist,Electrophysiology Fellowship

Member of American and European Society of Pacemaker and Electrophysiology

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Based on following the latest technology of the world and complying with world standards
درمان آریتمی های قلبی

Rhythm treatment with ablation and cryoablation methods

In the ablation method, flexible and thin wires called catheters are transferred from blood vessels to the heart.

تست تیلت

Cardiac stress test

A patient with arrhythmia should walk on a treadmill during cardiac stress test. This causes the heart rate to increase.

درمان ریتم

Tilt table test

Performing the tilt test for arrhythmia, heart attack and syncope must be done step by step and must be done by a doctor. In the first stage ...

تست ورزش

Heart palpitations treatment

The heart of a muscle pump has four chambers. The upper chambers are called right and left atrium...

درمان تپش قلب

Treatment of cardiac arrhythmias

Dangerous heart arrhythmias are not common, but in some cases, they may cause heart attack and eventually cardiac arrest...

پیس میکر

Artificial cardiac pacemaker

Artificial cardiac pacemaker consists of two parts: a battery or generator as a source of power and an electrical...

Dr. Alireza Ghorbani Sharif

Cardiologist/Electrophysiology Fellowship from Auckland, New Zealand

– Member of American and European Society of Pacemaker and Electrophysiology

دکتر علیرضا قربانی شریف

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are sports activities possible in patients with ICD?

Usually, the ICD does not prevent you from doing most of the activities, before
doing any sports activities, you should consult your doctor so that the extent and
severity of it can be determined by the doctor.

Who can benefit from an ICD device?

In a special group of patients who have dangerous and fatal ventricular arrhythmias
or have a dangerous underlying disease:
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patients in the presence of high-risk factors such as
cardiac arrest in the family, syncope and thick heart wall
In patients with or without a history of heart infarction, who have less than 30%
decrease in heart contractility
In a group of high-risk patients who have a healthy heart but have electrical
disturbances such as Brugada and Long QT syndromes

Can patients with ICDs undergo surgery?

Patients with an ICD can perform other cardiac and non-cardiac surgeries with the
doctor's advice
Patients who have an ICD must have their device deactivated before surgery
During this time when the ICD diagnoses are inactive, the patient must be
monitored and these patients must be reanalyzed after surgery

Can patients with ICDs undergo surgery?

Electrocautery is a device that is used during surgery to stop bleeding, and it must
be kept away from the ICD site during surgery.

Is airport transit and air travel possible for patients with ICD?

All patients who have an ICD should pass very quickly when passing through the
electromagnetic doors of the airports or by showing a special card, they should
inform the relevant authorities of the presence of the device in their body in order
to avoid excessive inspection and physical inspection. be done

Is there a need to change jobs after pacemaker or ICD implantation?

If the patient has sensitive jobs such as piloting, bus driving, school service or
heavy machinery, it is recommended to change their work, as well as people who
work in environments where there is electromagnetic interference, such as working
with generators. It is better to change jobs as a welder.